Anne Rittman and Maz Wilson

Published title : Brunswick Street,
Art & Revolution

Anne Rittman taught art and filmmaking in Victorian Primary and Secondary schools for over 23 years. She co-founded and managed Pigtale, a design studio and small manufacturing business in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Anne was the instigator and a founding member of The Women’s Gallery which ran successfully for 8 years in Brunswick Street. She also created the Australian Student International Film Festival which opened at ACMI in 2002, then moved to the Capital Theatre in 2004.

Anne studied writing at RMIT, producing Telling Tales, an anthology of short stories, The Spider and the Fly, a short film. She also co-shot the documentary The Touched, a film made inside the walls of Maiti Nepal, an institution sheltering women who escaped the horrors of child trafficking in India and had returned to Nepal.

Maz Wilson taught photography in Victorian Secondary Schools. She travelled extensively, building a worldwide photographic collection. She has exhibited at the Buoyancy Gallery in Richmond and more recently in Castlemaine. She was a partner at Pigtale ceramic design studio.

Maz designed the last mudbrick house to be built in Castlemaine. She completed the Professional Writing and Editing Diploma at RMIT University. Maz Wilson is the co-author of Brunswick Street, Art & Revolution.

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