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Phil Ilton
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Poetry activist
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Phil Ilton has published four collections, including More than Words, Capsules (1996) and Not Just On the Road (based on incidents from his solo bicycle ride around Australia). His poetry has appeared in over thirty books and journals including Best Australian Poems 2005 (Black Inc), Overland, Island, Going Down Swing, FourW, Imago and Envoi (UK). He has won many awards and featured at the 2002 Australia Poetry Festival. He has had work translated into Chinese for the Chung Wai Literary Monthly (Taiwan). In 1993 he co-edited Rhymes for the Times, an anthology of Australian poets. He was on the Executive of the FAW (Victoria) from 1993-2003. He currently has a poem displayed on Melbourne trains (Committee for Melbourne/Connex Moving Galleries) and his work has been performed on Radio Nationalís Poetica.

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