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Digging in Dark Places
Colin Duckworth

From Melbourne to Brittany

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Colin Duckworth’s second novel.

When Janet Crompton, a young and beautiful research student, goes from Melbourne to Brittany to find out the facts behind a local legend, she unearths some very unexpected truths about herself and her relationship with her mysterious parents as much as about several strange, sinister, colourful, courageous and eccentric people.

She begins by researching a little local historical affair involving a priest and an infatuated girl during the French Revolution. In the Celtic world, she finds the past can inflame as much passion as the present. By the end, her investigation has brought her face to face with murder, incest, neo-Fascist terrorism, drug-trafficking, blackmail, character-assassination, suicide, slander and art forgery. For good measure, she is threatened, abducted and shot at - not quite what she had thought a literary-historian did for a living.
ISBN 0958705941
Published 1997 (Ryan Publishing)

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