The Inheritors:
 Amanda Anastasi

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The wildlife officer moves into the woodland,
steps between the crooked carpet of winged

limbs; the stiff cloaks swathing brown bodies.
He looks out at the row upon row of flying

foxes, lifeless or starved to motionlessness;
each reduced to lay at the level of a human heel.

The inheritors are those who will suffer the ravages of climate change be they human, creature or plant.


It is a distinct and powerful collection imbued with compassion, anger and prophecy regarding the fate of our planet. These poems are reportage from the precipice - the ferocious terror of bushfire, the sorrow of birdless skies, fish-diminished seas. The reader will encounter unflinching observations and images.

Peter Bakowski


Amanda Anastasi here has urgency, wildfire tongue, blistering habitats of lyric. Her words are both whips and soothing balm. She is our cartographer, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the reality of this world while offering up imagined futures. The Inheritors is a critical, visceral and compelling read.

Alicia Sometimes


A daring, mesmeric collection. Anastasi weaves her way through these fresh, brave worlds with quiet strength and a careful, exquisite control. A vital and most necessary book from one of our finest.

Ian McBryde


Koala Holds Up Traffic

Ineptly, he moves to the middle road line,

with the tap of claws not made for unyielding

road. He stops and stares at the benign queue

of delayed four-wheel drives and the drum

of doors as families emerge from growling engines

to point, coo and exclaim like elated circus punters.

A policeman and ranger carefully angle and steer him

from the highway and the sounds of photo snaps

and Facebook Live narrations. Step by languid step,

he is positioned beyond the fog of tar and concrete

for his return to the retreating forest. The people

re-enter their cars, turn on playlists and continue.



ISBN 9780648038788

$24.00 Australia