Raffaella Torresan

Published Titles :

The Sea Palace Hotel
La Ragazza

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Raffaella Torresan is a visual artist and writer. She is a Melbourne institution and over the years she has collected an interesting assortment of people from the bohemian scene, of jailbirds, of artists, writers and poets. She has photographed poets reading their work, she has painted their portraits, she has painted other painters. She has had many exhibitions of her own work, and curated many more group shows which she considers ‘conscience’ shows, often with interesting themes, such as ‘Leave The Animals Alone’ and ‘For Love of Trees’ and ‘The Kindness Show’ and Weep Leviathan and more.

She has previously published:
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (1986), illustrations for Dostoevsky’s short story
Melbourne Poets Live / photography by Raffaella Torresan (2003)
Literary Creatures (2009)
Poetry and Ideas (2015)
and The Sea Palace Hotel (2016).