The Complete Apparition : K F Pearson

ook Description

Having no ego, nor an id,
he doesn’t seem all that he should.

His style is of a studied neglect
of which the decisive cannot speak.

He could be cosy, he could be cute
if he weren’t always in dispute.

Not boastful nor a sexy item
the market’s long abandoned him.

Left on the doorstep as a gift
his wrapping has been tampered with.

The Complete Apparition is an existential comedy.


The Apparition is only there when perceived. Many who may evoke him, mostly fail. When he arrives he has a presence. Or he is there unannounced—in boudoir, viaduct, United Nations or outback, backyard or shopping strip, by mantel-piece, on dancefloor, in the Islands, on flatbed truck—or amongst plants or creatures. Not being there for long, there’s a tear in his eye, a catch in his breath for what will be gone, almost as quickly as him.


His fractured story embraces both of Tolstoy’s ‘ two plots: a person leaves home; a stranger comes to town.’ No wonder he sings hymn, anthem, rap, popular song, nursery rhyme, bush ballad or an odd sonnet to suggest he is here. So let him contest with the fear, our fear, of fading.

304 pgs
$27.00 Australia

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