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Jim Williams
Letters from Byron

An exuberant storyteller and lover of the bush
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Jim Williams (Di Guglielmo) was born near Chikkahominy in New York State, survived his multicultural childhood and somehow managed a BS degree from Cornell University. After a working holiday in the Bahamas he absconded to Australia aboard an old Liberty Ship carrying agricultural machinery and arrived in Brisbane at 7 in the morning on Currency Day. He has done everything from cane cutting to scientific research to donkey trekking but is perhaps best known for his poetry and striking resemblance to the playwright Mammad Aidani. He lived in Byron Bay for two years and while there he wrote the letters collected here to various friends, acquaintances and antagonists.

Since Letters from Byron he has returned to Victoria and now lives in Castlemaine.

Painting by David Frazer of Jim
s house in Castlemaine.

David Frazer painting of Jim Williams' house

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