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Chris Mooney-Singh
The Bearded Chameleon

Pioneer cross-cultural poet, scholar and musician
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Chris Mooney-Singh was born in 1956 of Australian-Irish descent. He has worked extensively in publishing, editing and education. He adopted Sikhism in 1989 and has lived in various parts of India and Asia, including Singapore. Mooney-Singh is well known for his research into sacred Sikh music and its lost string instrument tradition, including recent honours in India for the revival of the rabab, including as an accompaniment to Sikh devotional poetry.

The founder of Poetry Slam in Singapore and Malaysia, he has also published two joint collections of poetry, two chapbooks, co-edited The Penguin Book of Christmas Poems (1992) and has three spoken word CDs, the latest being Living in the Land of the Durian Eaters. Mooney-Singh is founding director of Lit Up, Singapore, a festival for emerging writers and performers. In addition, he has also developed and curates two virtual 3D arts communities at and His poetry has featured online at Times Online, Mindfire, Umbrella Journal, Cezanne’s Carrot, The Chimaera, Stylus, Simply Haiku and QRLS. His first collection was The Laughing Buddha Cab Company (Word Forward Press, 2007). Chris Mooney-Singh has also appeared at the Austin International Poetry Festival (2003), Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival (2004), Singapore Writers Festival (2007), Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival (2008), Australian Poetry Centre Festival (2010), Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival (2010), Commonwealth Writers Festival, India (2010) and Taboan Writers Festival (2011). He is a visiting scholar at Monash University.

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