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Philip Hammial

A political sculptor and prolific poet
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Born in 1937 in Detroit, Michigan. After serving with the US Navy for three years he completed a BA with Honours in English Literature and Philosophy at Ohio University. Hammial migrated to Australia from the US in 1972 and became an Australian citizen in 1992. As well as a poet, he is a painter and sculptor, with over twenty-five solo exhibitions and over fifty group exhibitions to the early 2000s. In 1995 with artist Anthonty Mannix he founded The Australian Collection of Outsider Art. The Collection has curated twenty-four exhibitions, in Australia, Europe and the US. A recipient of a Category A Writerís Fellowship in 1996, he went on a reading tour of Japan in that year. As a political activist, he does volunteer work for the Blue Mountains Free Tibet Group and for CORE, a local environmental group. In May 2000 he participated in Poetry Africa 2000, the first Australian poet to be invited to that international festival. Philip Hammial is the author of Foot Falls & Notes (The Saturday Centre, 1976), Chemical Cart (Island, 1977), Mastication Poems (The Saturday Centre, 1977), Hear Me Eating (Makar, 1977), More Bath, Less Water (Red, 1978), Swarm (Island, 1985), Squeeze (Island, 1985), Vehicles (Island, 1985), Pell Mell (Black Lightning, 1988), Outsider Art in Australia (co-editor) (Aspect, 1989), Travel/Writing (with Ania Walwicz) (Angus & Robertson, 1989), With One Skin Less (Hale & Iremonger, 1994), Just Desserts (Island, 1995), Black Market (Penguin, 1996), Bread (2000) (short-listed for the New South Wales Premierís Literary Awards, Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry, 2001) and In the Year of Our Lord Slaughterís Children (2004) (shortlisted for the New South Wales Premierís Literary Awards, Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry, 2004).

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