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Maher Abou Elsaoud
Cairo Paris Melbourne

Rising Egyptian novelist

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Maher Abou Elsaoud
Maher Abou Elsaoud was born in Cairo on 20 December 1964. He studied film making in Paris before coming to Australia in 1991.

He has worked as a factory worker, storeman, kitchen hand, cook and security guard. In Egypt and the Middle East he has sold many tens of thousands of copies of his fiction, including the Arabic version of Cairo Paris Melbourne.

He has made two short films and one documentary about cultural differences in Australia. In 2010, he moved to Egypt to write the script for the movie of his novel The Legend of Schnedar. Shooting was disrupted by Egypt’s Arab Spring.

Maher Elsaoud was active politically during the Revolution, writing for newspapers and magazines and on Facebook. He was present in Tahrir Square and describes this as the best experience he has ever had. Fighting for freedom on the ground and facing death without fear was a completely different story to writing about it.

Maher About Elsaoud photograph two author of Paris Cairo Melbourne

Maher About Elsaoud photograph three author of Cairo Pairs Melbourne

The author at The Black Cat café in Fitzroy in the 1990s

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Other Books by Elsaoud (in Arabic)
The Court of East and West (short stories, 1996)
A Tale of a Long Night (1997)
The Prince of the City (1999)
Cairo Paris Melbourne (2004)
he Legend of Schneider (2006)
Something Cooking (2008)

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