Mammad Aidani

Published Title
: A Picture Out Of Frame

Born in Iran, Mammad Aidani spent his childhood in the poverty stricken areas of the city of his birth, Khorramshahar, near the Persian Gulf. He was introduced to Persian literature in his youth by his teachers. Aidani’s early poetry draws on individual responses to feelings and sensations which express the displaced poet’s struggle with the language of day to day life. As a playwright he has explored the contemporary experience of alienation, disadvantage and how we construct meaning in life. His plays include ‘An Idiot Amongst Us’ (1996), ‘She’ (1997), ‘A Few Steps... Not Here... not There’ (1998 and 2002), ‘In the Mirror’ (2002) and two short plays, ‘It was... Then’ and ‘Waiting for the Sunset’ (2003).

His plays and two published books, the novella A Picture Out Of Frame (1997) and his collection of poems Better Not to Explain (1994) have been regarded as outstanding literary contributions to our contemporary literature.