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Deborah Masel
In the Cleft of the Rock

Author and commentator on Jewish mysticism
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Deborah Masel, born in 1957, was an author and teacher with a special interest in Jewish mysticism. She lived in Melbourne where she lectured regularly for Jewish and interfaith groups and organisations, and wrote on aspects of Jewish mystical tradition for various publications. She was a regular contributor to the Faith column in The Sunday Age and was a book reviewer for The Age.

She is the author (under her previous name, Deborah Miller) of The Company of Words and The Maisonettes and she edited Sacred Fire: Torah from the Years of Fury 1939-1942, the English version of a mystical hassidic text discovered in the rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto after the War. In her last years she conducted regular classes on the weekly Torah portions and their numerous interpretations, ancient, medieval and modern. In the Cleft of the Rock; Writings on the Five Books of Moses is her penultimate work. The effusive meditations in In the Cleft of the Rock are distilled versions of her learning. She died of cancer on 22 July 2011 at the age of 54.

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