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Graham Henderson
Mosaics & Mirrors; Composite Poems
Diary of a Dwarf; Four Novellas
Gifts & Sorrows (translator)
The Colony

Struggling with the world and remaking it with numinous dislocation
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Photo of Henderson and self-portrait
Photo: Graham Henderson with his painting Self-Portrait, Mummified, inpired by Pharoah Rameses II

Graham Henderson was born in Melbourne in 1953. He studied Drama, Literature, Print-making, and Film at Rusden State College. He began writing stories and plays in the mid 1970s. His first collection of stories, The Anguish Of Departure, was published in 1979. His first novel, The Mountain, was published by Picador in 1989. The following year it was shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year Award. He has translated from the French, in collaboration with the author, RaphaŽlle Pomian, a collection of short stories, Gifts & Sorrows (Black Pepper 1996). He has written five collections of poems and over twenty plays. In his youth he worked extensively in the theatre as an actor and director. Diary of a Dwarf , a collection of novellas, was published by Black Pepper in 1995, followed by his collection Place of the Paintings & Other Stories in 2004. In 1998 he was invited to the Struga International Poetry Festival in Macedonia. He has devoted many years to painting and has been exhibited in galleries including Heidi Gallery, Time Gallery, and The Gallery of Slavic Art. His second novel, The Colony, was published by Black Pepper in 2009.
Cover of The Mountain
Cover painting by Paul Boston

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